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Document Requirements

When you intend to contribute something, you should assure

  • Content format
  • Content structure
  • File name and file path

meet the following requirements.

Content format


For the basic content format, it is needed to be discussed.

Some other requirements

  • In the future, we may consider to automatically generate a sequence number for every paragraph title, so we recommend no sequence number for paragraph titles.
  • As the challenges mentioned in the doc are placed in the ctf-challenge repository in order, we don't need to include a link to the challenge in the documentation. Moreover, every time the challenge's location in the repository changes, the challenge link also changes. Therefore, fixing the challenge link is a time-consuming and annoying task.

Content structure

The content must have the following characteristics

  • From easy to hard, the difficulty of content should be gradual.
  • Logical, every part should contain the following items
  • Principle, explaining the principle corresponding to this content.
  • Examples, give 1 to 2 typical examples.
  • Exercises, give 1 to 2 typical exercises.

File name and file path

Document should be stored in the appropriate directory.

  • Figure. Please note that the image should be placed in a local folder. We should avoid referencing image from other websites. We recommend using a relative path ./figure to reference the image.
  • File names must be lowercase, separated by -, e.g. file-name.
  • Regardless of the example or the exercise, the corresponding attachments should be stored in the corresponding directory in the ctf-challenge repository.